Koi, Goldfish & Pond Health In Twenty Steps
Koi, Goldfish & Pond Health In 20 Steps
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Step Thirteen

Assess Pond Cleanliness

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No pond, of any type, will preserve fish health unless it is kept clean. There are numerous factors which influence this but how many fish you have how much food you feed them are the two most important. It is the intention of all filters regardless of type, to collect unsightly 'solid' waste. Eventually, all filtration types must dispel this in one way or another.

Some filtration, such as a gravel bottom pond, relies on the breakdown of these solid wastes by beneficial bacteria and the subsequent removal of these solubilized waste products via important water changes. Annual cleaning of the gravel bed can also be a priority. Bead filters must be backwashed to dispel their solid burden. Matt filters have to be dragged to your driveway for manual rinsing.

The pond itself should have routine attention to remove sticks, leaves and seeds of trees and plants near the pond. If the pond contains gravel on the bottom, it should receive it's annual vacuum cleaning, and additional beneficial bacteria (usually bacillus subtilis cultures in bran) should be deployed according to the manufacturer's instructions to solubilize the solid wastes captured by the gravel bed.

This is oh-so-true for gravel barrel filters also. Regardless of the filtration type in use on a pond, in systems containing important collections of fish, regular water changes contribute a great deal to water cleanliness and fish health. Water changes potentiate the natural activities of the pond eco system and let the beneficial bacteria in the pond do their work more efficiently.

In your assessment of the pond, if the water looks or smells undrinkably poor, or you would not permit your child to wade around in the pond, it is then also NOT sufficient for Koi, and you should attack the problem with a pond cleaning and a water change of the largest safe volume before hoping for success attacking a fish illness. If on the other hand, the pond is effervescent and sweet smelling, the water is clear and moving with a bubbly exuberance, rest assured that the fish are primed to recover and will respond to the other nineteen steps to fish health.

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