Koi, Goldfish & Pond Health In Twenty Steps
Koi, Goldfish & Pond Health In 20 Steps
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Step Sixteen

Attack Parasitic Pathogens
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Whole books could (and have been) be written on parasites in Koi but for simplicity we could suggest some shotgun remedies that we have found to be effective. I will reference various medications in this and future sections, to give you direction. It is your responsibility to learn how to use these medicines SPECIFICALLY and I recommend that you read all you can by qualified, experienced people. I wrote a whole book on this stuff, called “Koi Health & Disease” by Dr. Erik Johnson. (That’s me) In most ponds, a person could clear most significant parasitism with the treatment below:

Treatment: Praziquantel and TERMINATE. Attention: Always increase the aeration in your pond when using TERMINATE 

Safe for plants, Koi & Goldfish. Verify parasite clearance with microscopy.

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Supplemental Reading

Prazi - Praziquantel - Fluke treatment and control for Koi ponds and water gardens, without plant or filter effects.

Potassium Permanganate - KMnO4 - PP Treatment of bacterial ulcers, flukes, parasites, and fungus including saprolegnia in Koi and Goldfish ponds and water gardens reverse with peroxide or dechlorinator -

Hydrogen Peroxide - Use of hydrogen peroxide for oxygenation or reversal of potassium permanganate in koi and goldfish ponds and water gardens. 



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Koi Crisis has a symptoms chart by system you can choose the symptom by fish part, and resolve a lot of Koi pond fish problems or at least, learn about them understand how to remedy them.

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