Koi, Goldfish & Pond Health In Twenty Steps
Koi, Goldfish & Pond Health In 20 Steps
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Step One

STEP ONE: Assess Recent Handling

This is a relatively simple part of "AAA" which only contributes to your thought process and Chances of Success Score. Assess whether the fish have experienced recent handling, and subtract 20% from your "chances of success" score with this group of fish if they were recently handled. If the fish have NOT been recently handled or transported, ADD 20% back to your "chances of success" score in any disease outbreak. Why? It's simple.

Handling increases or worsens fish stress, which depresses the fish immune system. Without a fish immune system backing you up against disease, then for any remedy to succeed, "It's All You."

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We offer FREE personal help with your sick koi and/or koi pond water problems. Just fill out our easy Help Form by Aqua Meds® and we will give you step by step help to solve your problem.
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