Koi, Goldfish & Pond Health In Twenty Steps
Koi, Goldfish & Pond Health In 20 Steps
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Step Fourteen

Attack Koi Bacterial Infections

Goldfish with ulcer on head
Keywords: Koi, Goldfish & Pond Health To combat bacterial infections in Koi - get an antibiotic INTO the fish. Aeromonas Pseudomonas Koi Ulcer Sores Body Sores Fin Rot and Mouth Rot

Attacking bacterial pathogens is ONLY effective AFTER you have improved the overall conditions of the fish host. If the fish remain crowded, cold, underfed, overfed or parasitized, GIVE UP on saving the fish from bacterial infection. If you have improved the temperature, reduced crowding, and in every other way attended the twenty steps to fish health, this step will work well. To combat bacterial infections you should get an antibiotic INTO the fish. It is usually insufficient to put antibiotics ON a fish. I recommend dressing the fishes' wounds if possible with an antibiotic ointment called Panalog are very effective. Simultaneously, feeding medicated food such as MediKoi is effective. And finally, dipping or spraying the fish in Ulcer Aid Rx cinches success unless the fish is too far gone. If you are an advanced hobbyist you might also consider injection of antibiotics.

Koi with tailrot, did not die.
Generally, a combination of "good" water, minimal crowding, gentle heat in the seventies with proper aeration, medicated food like MediKoi, plus Ulcer Aid Rx dips sparingly used, are all I have required to recover fish with bacterial infections.

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Buying Medicated Foods

Medicated Foods for the Treatment of Koi & Goldfish Aeromonas Bacterial Ulcer Disease, MouthRot and FinRot. -

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